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  • WTO: EU draft Regulation withdrawing authorisation of pesticide chlorothalonil
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  • Organic: revision of the EU Regulation; market situation, EGTOP, international trade
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  • Labelling: Protected food name – “Scrumbie de Dunăre afumată” (PGI)
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  • Pesticide: flurtamone licence will not be renewed
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key activities

FRUCOM represents and defends the interests of its members towards the European institutions and other players in Brussels and elsewhere.

The team of professionals identify as early as possible in the EU decision-making process, any potential issues that might concern FRUCOM members.
Daily monitoring of EU regulatory and policy developments and regular contact with a wide range of stakeholders and other EU-based organisations lay at the heart of FRUCOM activities.

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Members and partners

FRUCOM full members are National Associations in EU Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy,
the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom). FRUCOM also has a number of affiliated members:
companies in countries where there is no national association-member of FRUCOM and international
associations with a worldwide span (Luxembourg, Portugal, Malta, Australia, Chile, Georgia, Turkey, USA, Iran).

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